Depuis un certain temps, j'étais à la recherche de ce parfait manteau de cuir, juste assez cintré, qui se superpose facilement, qui rock assez à mon goût. Rudsak arrive à mon secours. Je vous présente le manteau Gemma, en cuir d'agneau d'une souplesse exquise. Lorsque je l'ai reçu, j'ai su immédiatement que je devais l'enfiler avec ma robe bourgogne Covet. Joli contraste avec la fluidité de la robe. Oh, et comment trouvez-vous mes nouveaux cheveux bruns?

For a while now, I was searching for the perfect leather jacket, well adjusted, that can be worn layered, and with a rockin' touch. Rudsak came to my rescue. Let me introduce to you the Gemma coat, made from buttery-soft lambskin leather. When I received it, I just knew I had to wear it with my burgundy Covet dress. Nice contrast with the fluidity of the dress. Oh, and what do you think of my darker hair colour?

Manteau: Gemma de Rudsak (buy online) (gifted)
Robe: Covet (gifted) // Chapeau: H&M Divided Grey (gifted)
Booties: L.A.M.B.

Photos par Gabrielle Lacasse



Meg said…
Love your jacket, I was on the hunt for the same thing and then found one at La Braderie de Mode last month!

Actually wrote about it here:

Nothing better than a good leather jacket. :-)

Erin in Vancouver said…
Hi! I'm about to purchase the gemma coat and i'm wondering if you have any tips on sizing?? I'm shopping online. What size is yours may i ask!?
ANIK said…
Hi Erin!
Very sorry I just got home and you didn't leave any email or twitter so I couldnt answer you sooner! My coat is a small ! It is not too tight, because I like wearing a sweater underneath. Hope you'll like it too!

If you buy this before midnight, use the code RUDSAK40MTLINSTYLE for 40% off!


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