Street Style: Osheaga

Entre The Sounds et Death Cab For Cutie, j'ai moi aussi sortit ma caméra pour prendre quelques clichés street style au festival de musique Osheaga. En voici deux qui ont capté mon attention:

Between The Sounds and Death Cab for Cutie, I also grabbed my camera and shot some street style looks from the Osheaga music festival. Here are two that caught my attention:

 Hat, blue shorts and perfect wavy hair.
Get your fringed leather on.


Anonymous said…
9/10 top

3/10 for bottom left
5/10 bottom right
ANIK said…
Are you rating the girls in the pictures??
Riley Indigo said…
to anonymous: bottom right is preferable to top because indie chic with boho maxi skirt and leather fringe crop top is a far more unique/current outfit than coloured denim shorts and a black top with stomper boots. especially since we've been wearing stompers for the past three years..

in general: I missed osheaga this year, but were there only two outfits worth taking pictures of?
ANIK said…
No of course not there were a lot of very stylish girls. But I was there only Sunday and I was mainly there to see the shows. I took pics of these girls because they crossed my path.

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