Winter Kate

La starlette Nicole Richie fera une apparition au Holt Renfrew de Montréal le 18 février 2010 en l'honneur de sa nouvelle ligne Winter Kate, qui propose des pièces à l'allure romantique et vintage, féminine et chic. Y serez-vous ? 

À noter : Nicole Richie arrivera en boutique vers 12h30 et l'évènement est ouvert au public !

Starlet Nicole Richie will be appearing at Holt Renfrew in Montreal on February 18 2010 for the launch of her new clothing line Winter Kate, which offers romantic, vintage, feminine and chic pieces. Will you be there ?

Note : Nicole Richie will be arriving in store around 12h30 pm and the event is open to the public !


Unknown said…
Oh my god! I love your blog! :)
I love the pictures and how it's in both French and English! (I'm studying French right now and it's such a fun and entertaining way) :)

I'm adding you to my blogroll now. Hope you'll do the same! :)
You're welcome to visit my blog btw.. :) Merci!
Fashion & DIY said…
OUIII !!! je veux a tout prix y aller!:)
Merci du renseignement!! :p

Stephanie said…
REally cool! as much as i would love to see her, I won't be braving the sure-to-be insane crowd to see her :)

But thanks for heads up, I had no idea!


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