FMD : Défilé Barilà

J'ai fais un petit arrêt au Festival Mode et Design hier (en chemin pour le show de No Doubt qui était absolument génial!) pour voir le défilé de Barilà. Sabrina Barilà a présenté à une foule captivée des vêtements parfaits pour l'été 2009 avec des imprimés riches et des coupes flatteuses. J'aime particulièrement la robe rouge, à porter lors d'une soirée chaude d'été ! Voici quelques photos que j'ai réussi à capter :

I did a little stop at the Festival Mode et Design yesterday (on my way to the No Doubt show which was absolutely amazing) to see the Barilà fashion show. Sabrinà Barilà presented to a captivated crowd perfect clothes for Summer 2009 with rich prints and flattering cuts. I particularly like the red dress, to wear on a hot summer evening ! Here are some pictures I was able to capture :

(photos par Anik)


stephanie said…
I work in the Rogers building (on mcgill college, at LOULOU Magazine. :) Anyways, so i saw this all being set up but i haven't been. I wanted to tell you that you're doing an AMAZING job at documenting Montreal st style! and people look really coopperative about posing for you :) it's fantastic!

I didn't see MK. My friend did though. She walked in front of his car with her Starbucks in hand in the old port, in front of the St. James hotel :)

Anonymous said…
the show had such amazing energy to go with the beautiful collection, lots of fun and what great pictures you took!
Anonymous said…
I saw this show too!
You took great pictures, I love Barila, she makes great dresses and its made in Canada too!
Great quality and design.
p.s this blog rocks keep it up.
Anonymous said…
I don't like this collection at all. Where do you were that?

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